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So you have talked to a bank or a loan officer, they gave you an estimate and told you this is the optimum loan you qualify for. But is it? Even if you have signed that application and locked your rate, we will review your loan estimate for free, and tell you if you qualify for a better deal. No strings attached!

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The goal should always be transparency in any mortgage lending decision. We want to give this power back to the borrower when purchasing or refinancing a home. As experienced local mortgage brokers, we know that banks and credit unions rarely offer borrowers the most competitive deal on a mortgage loan. Most people think banks and credit unions are their primary or only option for a home loan. They believe these financial institutions hold all the cards for a loan. This is not true. We strongly believe better options exists and we are here to prove it!


It is simple! We have given the borrower the power of approval. Whether you’re looking for first time home buyer government programs or a refinance, you simply upload a copy of the Loan Estimate you received from another Loan Officer, bank, or credit union. We will review and compare it against wholesale lenders at no cost to you.

Within 24 hours, we will contact you letting you know if you can do better. If your uploaded offer is the right one for you, we will tell you that too! Reviewing your options allows borrowers to make educated decisions. Our goal it to provide the most ideal options possible.

Then the decision is 100% yours.

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Being a real estate agent has always been about hard work, honesty, and creating value for your client.  Through the use of local mortgage brokers you can actively drive results by providing the most effective options for your buyers.  Knowing where, who, and why a buyer would use first time home buyer government programs, Conventional, FHA, USDA, or VA financing in residential purchases only helps you as an agent.

Consumer Reports find nearly half of borrowers do not shop for a mortgage before purchasing.  We believe mortgage brokers can help real estate agents provide even greater value to their clients by knowing more before they own.

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“Myles and his team at CTC Mortgage Group were amazing at helping us secure a loan for our new house in Wenatchee, WA. Their service was spot on and very detailed. Any questions we had were answered almost immediately and they helped us understand everything we needed to in order to get the best loan we could. They completely exceeding our expectations helping make the loan process smooth and the numbers easy to comprehend. We will continue to use Myles and his team in the future for all of our financial needs and will recommend them to anyone that asks us for our opinion. They definitely went above and beyond!”

Steph B.Wenatchee, WA

“Myles and his team was absolutely amazing with helping us with our mortgage! I cannot recommend CTC Mortgage Group enough! The service provided when above and beyond what my wife and I expected! Myles personally came to my home and explained the entire process to me and assured me that I would be in good hands. I was very nervous about the home buying process but Myles made sure to explain all my options and keep me at ease.

I truly believe that CTC Mortgage Group is the gold standard in the industry!”

Chati W.Seattle, WA

“I had always did mortgage refinance on my own, using services like LendingTree or just refinancing through Quicken Loans. Our financial advisor said I should use Myles at CTC Mortgage Group. He said everything would go smoothly, that we'd get a great rate and it wouldn't cost me anything extra. I decided to give Myles a shot. SO GLAD I DID! Myles and his team were on top of everything. Working with the was so easy. Best of all, I got a great rate, the loan closed early and there were no extra fees. Why wouldn't anyone work with these guys? They're great!”

Wiley B.Seattle, WA

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