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We are CTC Mortgage Group


As experienced mortgage brokers, we already knew that banks and credit unions rarely offer consumers the greatest deal on a mortgage loan. And the more borrowers we saw being referred to us with high estimates from these larger organizations, we knew there was a problem.

Most consumers think banks and credit unions are their only option for a home loan.  They believe these financial institutions hold all the cards, and they are at their mercy for a loan.

This is not true.

What most consumers don’t know, is there is a whole market of wholesale lenders out there, which in many cases offer superior loans and interest rates to the traditional banks and credit unions.


We want more money ending up in consumers’ pockets, and not in those of the big banks. We created Loan Estimate Review to educate consumers. To show you there are options beyond the bank.

We compare your Loan Estimate to those offered by wholesale lenders and tell you what we find. It is that simple. We will give you the knowledge to decide what is most suitable for YOU.

We are giving you the power of approval over your loan. And we are doing it at no cost to you.


We are CTC Mortgage Group, a licensed mortgage broker with locations in Seattle and Wenatchee Washington. We have over 20 years of experience, and have closed thousands of loans. The majority of our business is referrals and happy clients who come back to us again and again.

For information on us you can check out our website, and our client reviews on Zillow and Yelp.

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